Shiroi Gomi
 白 い  五 味

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Vernon White

New Media Producer and Project Manager for Shiroi Gomi


Media producer with project management, data management, video production, and multimedia experience focusing on effective communication of my client's message in all media. Over the past few years I have worked in data management, project management, broadcast television, oil industry, technical documentation, trial graphics, corporate media, and computer manufacturing... all while going back to school full-time (M. S. in Information Technology in 2007 and Magna Cum Laude B. A. in Communication in 2004), marriage, and a young child (July 2005). I am very good at scheduling my time and effort to effectively reach my goals and assignments. I possess the ability to manage multiple, complex projects in a timely manner, work as a team player, and the ability to adapt quickly to dynamic, fast-paced environments and challenges.


IT Project Management

Media Production